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How to STOP to become Unstoppable.

A yoga inspired event for self-starters, entrepreneurs and business owners.


Once upon a time I hid behind my 'too busy' life to avoid doing things that:


  • needed my attention, but had ‘no time’ to stop and address
  • I didn't want to do, even though deep down I knew they would make me happier, healthier and more successful in the long run.
  • took me out of my comfort zone (or simply scared me silly)

So, I just kept going, foot to the floor, head down, fingers in my ears, barely coming up for air. 😝 What happened? Crash, bang, wollop, oops, oh dear… life/work fell apart.  For a while.

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How to sustain your incredible creativity and drive

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TUESDAY (NCC ONLY) 17:00-17:45
WEDNESDAY 18:30-19:30

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