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About Yoga Local

Yoga Local is a wellness business that does two things:

  1. Gets to work on improving your health, life and success through the tools of yoga and Ayurveda (mindful movement, conscious living and no-nonsense nutrition).
  2. Provides an online and a bricks and mortar home (Unit 5 Studio) for those seeking to grow their ability to thrive in health, life and business.

If you are serious about taking your life and wellbeing to the next level call me, Josie Steedman, owner and founder of Yoga Local, on 07515 356230 and get started today. If not now, when?

About Me

Well hello. Big thanks for coming to check me out. So… Who am I? Big soul question. Ok. It really just comes down to this. I’m Josie. For most of my life I’ve identified myself as a journalist (hack, writer, messenger – take your pick) but these days it’s more a wellness seeker with a mission to help you redefine the way you think about your health, live life, take care of yourself, the people you love, where you live, the world – each and every day. I studied Ayurveda and Yoga in California with Deepak Chopra and qualified as a Chopra certified instructor and wellbeing educator in 2016. I’ve been through some big changes personally.

But what’s most exciting is my story is not over and somehow I’m here, talking to you and ready to share some amazing material, classes and connections that in my heart I believe can help bring you any change you seek. (It’s worked for me.. have you checked out the studio space I’ve created at Nene Court, Wellingborough? How’d that happen?

Anyways.. if you feel inspired to find out what yoga and the practices of yoga can do to to add value to your life and bring health, wellness and happiness into your world I invite you to get connected and join us here at Yoga Local. You can get access to blogs, podcasts support and community – right here.  Or, come and check out a Yoga Local class or course at the studio. Here’s a link to the timetable.

Join me. Life’s about to get really interesting.

Yoga Local Owner and Founder, Josie Steedman
Yoga Local Teacher, Marie Newton (Maz)

About Maz

Hi, I’m Maz and I started practicing yoga around 6 years ago to help me manage the stresses of being a Secondary School teacher. I developed a real passion for my practice and the community that Yoga creates and decided to train to teach in 2017 so I could share my passion and with others and develop a local Yoga community myself.

I am so excited (and honoured!) to be part of the Yoga Local Community. The Yoga studio is such a beautiful space and I love how it’s nestled within lots of independent businesses, the owners of which are all so willing to support and guide each other. Josie is a wonderful soul and we share many values about the practice of Yoga. I look forward to being able to support the Yoga Local Tribe on their journey into discovering health and well being through the practice of yoga and hope to give yogis the tools to manage the stresses of day to day life.

My Yoga classes aim to be strong with some element of challenge, but also accessible and fun, with an emphasis on exploring the balance of strength and softness within poses. My teaching style is mostly dynamic, combining Yoga poses together to create flowing sequences. I want to help students to listen to and become more aware of their bodies and breath through their practice.

I look forward to getting to know the Yoga Local Tribe!

About Kat

My name is Kat and I am so excited to be part of Yoga Local. It is such a beautiful space to practice, share yoga and continue to learn. I feel honoured to join the team and tribe.

I began practising yoga around 6 years ago. I would say I had no interest in the spiritual or lifestyle side of yoga. I was never sporty but stumbled into board sports in my late thirties and whilst my ego encouraged to push myself my body suffered injuries that as time progressed meant I could no longer wakeboard or snowboard. I felt like I was losing a sense of belonging within a community that enjoyed thrill seeking. When I was advised to take up yoga to promote some recovery and management of my injuries I laughed. I thought of yoga as incense and dinging bells and was very closed off to it as a practise and saw it as another form physiotherapy. How wrong I was!!!

Though somewhat closed off I could not help but begin to find a holistic benefit from attending my weekly yoga class. I was and still am a full-time specialist mental health nurse and noticed this practise helped me manage workload, my work life balance and most importantly I started to take notice of myself, my needs and my bodies desires rather than what I thought I should do. What my ego desired of me to validate myself. I was hooked and began exploring different forms of yoga.

I decided to do my yoga teacher training initially to deepen my own experience and had intended to use it solely within my clinical practise. Providing my clients with more than just the medical model of treatment and traditional psychological treatments and felt yoga would be a useful adjunct to therapeutic interventions I was already engaged in with my client group. I still work full time as a specialist mental health nurse practitioner and my yoga practise and yoga sharing (teaching) is a wonderful adjunct to this role and enables me to continue to offer the time to my clientele.

I recognised how much sharing yoga with others was a way of my own ongoing development. I see myself as the constant student, forever learning. I approach my mat daily as though it’s the first time I ever practised.  we can all benefit from yoga, the union of mind and body/breath and body in this world we live in.

I enjoy an energetic practise and my main training and practise is in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. However I value all forms of yoga and my classes are very much geared to those attending and their needs, wants and desires with a primary focus on the breath.

I would not believe 6 years ago that I would have actually written the above and it be written from my soul. I can honestly say that the holistic practise of yoga has changed my outlook on the world and my approach to myself and others.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to share this with you all in an environment that is conducive to the practise of yoga alongside the beautiful and wonderful souls of Josie and Maz.

I look forward to seeing you all on the mat.

Yoga Local Teacher, Kat Weaver


Simple answer no. Would you ask if you had to run 5K before starting a running programme? ‘Nuff said.

Let’s get this straight from the get go. You don’t have to move like, look like sound like, walk like, talk like, or be anyone else other than you to enjoy Yoga. Yoga is for everyone, and can be practiced anywhere, doing anything. If you choose to do it with others our Yoga Local programmes are just one way to experience Yoga and uncover the whole of you.

Find your Yoga. Book a programme, try out a class that’s just right for you or join the Yoga Local community to enjoy advanced notice of classes, programmes as well as articles, news, events and inspiring support.

Not a lot. A mat and some comfortable loose fitting gear to wear. Socks off! For Yoga Local classes we ask that you bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.  We have everything else to keep you super cozy during relaxation. Yes, you might snore – and that’s ok too. That’s it.

Here’s the background. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old healing system founded in ancient India, and offers a guide for a life of happiness, vitality, love and purpose.

Ayurveda tells us that to experience health we have to fully integrate all aspects of our life and being, the material and non material – mind, body and soul. Otherwise we’re missing something – merely grasping at shadows. It’s a heady and fascinating conversation but has amazing implications for our wellbeing. There’s so much more to know and it’s all here at Yoga Local to discover. Follow the conversations, the science and the updates by signing up to our newsletter. Or dive deeper and start to redefine what it feels to feel great, fulfilled and happy by booking on to a Perfect Health Programme. Here you will discover all the Ayurvedic tools that can enhance your physical and emotional well being, help you make more conscious choices and enliven your connection between mind, body and spirit.

They Said It, Not Us.

Client Testimonials

  • I cannot recommend yoga with Josie enough! My core strength, stability and breathing have all improved thanks to her knowledge and guidance.
    Laura (WRR)
  • I’ve found my thing… Can’t quite get my head round how I feel calm and yet energised. But I love it already.
  • Best night’s deep sleep for months thank you again for the calm relaxing and strengthening time with you. Hugs love and gratitude.
  • Yoga with Josie has been both inspirational and informative, particularly with the breathing techniques.