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Unless all of us help improve wellbeing for all of us we are in trouble. Why? Because all of our wellbeing, relies on everyone’s wellbeing.

And, that’s why one of the bigger ‘whys?’ of Yoga Local is to provide an online and bricks and mortar home for all wellness seekers and givers. Connection and community, right here.

Let’s face it. Even if we believe we’ve got it all – the success, the career, the energy, the finances – it can be lonely up there on your high horse – just kidding. But seriously though, at some point there comes a longing to end the struggle and a need to start looking to relax in a community, where we belong.

So, we invite you and all your happy friends that we may or may not know, to come on in and find that connection here.

Community wellbeing is all part of the whole health package that keeps us all energetic and physically well along with sleep, meditation, movement, emotional stability, diet, quality of awareness, career wellbeing, social wellbeing, and financial wellbeing.

That’s what we mean when we ask you to find your way whole. Find your union, your Yoga. That’s how you can really begin to redefine what it means to be well.

If you want to take responsibility for your health and be the change you want to see in the world, we can help. Rock up here at your Yoga Local newsfeed for regular helpings of wellbeing tips, social media challenges, conversation (with happy friends and friends of friends), resources and feedback. Or receive updates straight into your inbox here.  Go for it – no time like now.

Start to draw the people and circumstances into your life that support your new, healthy habits. Share your experience with others on the same journey

Did you know?

According to Gallup, which monitors social community, physical and financial wellbeing, it is a known fact that if you have a happy friend, your happiness goes up by 15%. If you have a happy friend that has a happy friend that you don’t know, your happiness goes up another 10%. This goes on and on…

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